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Common Problems Associated with Lemons

As mentioned earlier, the California Lemon Law is relatively fluid in that there is no cut and dry set of metrics or standards a vehicle must meet to qualify as a lemon.

However, most successful lemon law judgments involve some sort of problem that substantially impairs the safety or usability of the vehicle or drastically reduces its value. Common issues include, but are not limited to:

–Brake issues
–Transmission and drivetrain issues
–Heating and cooling problems
–Engine stalling or failing to start
–Other engine problems (vibrations, noises, lagging)

Depending on the severity of the issue, vehicles may need to spend more or less time in the repair shop to qualify for replacement or repurchase under the California Lemon Law

If your vehicle is plagued by less-serious issues that still hamper its use, it may still qualify as a lemon. Problems can range anywhere from heated seats that do not function to faulty fuses and warning indicators that will not turn off. Please note, however, that the California Lemon Law stipulates that the severity of the issue has a bearing on how many repair attempts the manufacturer or dealer is allowed. For less serious problems, your vehicle will likely need to spend a substantial amount of time in the repair shop.

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