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What to do if you believe that you have a valid California Lemon Law claim.

Did you spend all of your hard-earned money on your dream car, only to have it spend more time in the repair shop than on the road?

Far too many people who purchase new or like-new vehicles suffer through this unfortunate reality.  However, if you are dealing with a problematic car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, boat or RV, do not despair.  There are provisions in the law that protect consumers against faulty vehicles, or lemons.

Although the automobile manufacturers and dealers would prefer that you simply “deal with” the problem, there are other options.

At Manookian Law, APLC, we help consumers throughout the State of California who are facing the arduous task of pursuing a lemon law claim against a giant automobile manufacturer.  Vehicle manufacturers, their representatives and authorized dealers are notorious for avoiding liability for a lemon by blaming the consumer for any defects present in their vehicle.

We are here to help.

As a law firm that practices exclusively in the field of lemon law, our attorneys are experts in all aspects of the California Lemon Law and will assist you throughout the entire process.  We are able to settle most lemon law claims prior to any litigation and in many instances are able to obtain a resolution within 30 days.  In the event that litigation is necessary, we are fully prepared to represent you and fight on your behalf.

As an added bonus, we are so confident in our ability to litigate a fair resolution to your lemon law claim that we will handle your entire case without any upfront cost to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or fill out our free case evaluation form on the right to learn if you have a valid lemon law claim.